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Honestly, we were just sick of seeing plastic yoga mats everywhere. We dont need to choose materials that cost the earth.


Manawa Eco offer customers a selection of sustainable eco yoga products that are beautiful and functional. Our online store is a hub for quality and inventive style and we ensure our eco yoga mats always live up to the high expectations we have for eco products in today's marketplace. We are based in New Zealand and plan on keeping our land and natural surroundings protected by choosing integrity and biodegradability over fast-fashion every time.

At the moment, we are enjoying using cork and natural tree rubber for our yoga range. Cork is a renewable natural resource that makes for a really comfortable yoga or meditation experience. The recycled tree rubber heat pressed to the bottom of the cork provides a cushioning support while the thin cork top allows for grip. As opposed to a plastic product, when you sweat you only gain more hold on the mat. In addition, cork is an antimicrobial material that opposes germs and mould. They are durable but when you are done with your mat, its biodegradable and will return to the earth. Why would we make yoga mats with plastic when all of this is possible? We are dedicated to only selling products that we are proud to contribute to this earth and committed to being good ancestors for the generations to come.


We print small batch designs so your favourite mat is unique in this world, like you. We suggest you place your mat in an beautiful place where you can see it and feel inspired to spend time on it. 

MANAWA (ma-na-wa) a Te Reo Maori word meaning:
1. (noun) heart (of a person).
3. (noun) patience, tolerance.
4. (noun) breath.

We are proud to be a kiwi business. We are pro LGBQTI+, pro women, anti racism, and all for love.

Please reach out with any questions about wholesale or custom orders

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